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S I'm basically a KAT-TUN!writer who especially enjoys shipping Ueda with everybody. Basically, I like whoring my bias out. Strangely, my otp at the moment is KameNo.
S My beta is incredibly busy so I don't always ask for her help. If you see any mistakes in my writing, please let me know. I'll be more than grateful.
S Critiques are welcomed. I don't have a fragile heart. Comments are loved.
S Stories are listed in chronological order. The most recent ones are listed below (under their respective headers).
S For multi-chaptered stories, I find it too great of a hassle to shift over to this community. Hence, it will be linked to my personal journal. However, it will be open to public so there isn't a need to friend me just to read it.
S Leave any prompts/requests here: clicky clicky!


Gen, Friendship

N.Y. Publications Master Post (Status: On Hiatus)
The Quest for the Holy Unicorn: Prologue | Main Story (Status: On Hiatus)

Kame / Koki

The Dented Fender Master Post (Status: Completed)
Omake Chapter

Kame / Ueda

Replacement: Part One | Part Two | Part Three (Status: Completed)

Ryo / Ueda

Caramel, Not Salted: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five (Satus: Completed)


Unknown Terrains
一年後 ~One Year Later~

Kame / Maru

Love Tips 101 (Mentions of implied JunDa)
Tortoise Talk
The List
Appealing to Emotions
Hide → Seek

Kame / Koki


Kame / Ueda


Kame / Junno

Things he never said.
Once Upon a Time

Junno / Ueda

The Meet Up
Lost Time
Secret Place
A New Style
Presents for U
Quelling the Storm
The Art of Dabbling in Everything… And Failing

Junno / Koki

Into the Fire: Part One | Part Two

Maru / Ueda

Telepathy? No, Not Really…
To Win or Not To Win
Stand Up ~again
Seven Ways to be Romantic
Dissonant Notes
Russian Roulette

Maru / Koki

Running Circles

Ryo / Ueda

Thought Process

Multiple Pairings

Soldier: Main Story | Epilogue (Junno / Ueda (main) & Kame / Koki (side))
Double Date (Kame / Maru (main) & Junno / Ueda (side))


What Rhymes?
Inappropriate Confessions - The Drabble Collection (Expect JunDa, MaruDa and RyoDa)


[Fic] Monster
Title: Monster
Pairing: Kamenashi / Ueda
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied violence, abusive relationship, minor character's death
Summary: Desperate for a change, Ueda approached the organization. And a change was what he got, even though it was not the change he had in mind.
Author's Note: Series of events are not in chronological order. Inspired by visuals of Monster Night and performance for Art of Life (which is so pro-violence) :B Also, I don’t have anything against Taguchi, just that he was one of the unfortunate souls in Ueda’s AOL performance at Fukuoka. It was originally going to be a short 1000 words but I guess it spiralled out of control. Enjoy? Randomly pimping out my request post too.

And for their empty words, they must pay.Collapse )

[Fic] 一年後 ~One Year Later~
Title: 一年後 ~One Year Later~
Pairing/Characters: 4nin!KAT-TUN; ninja pairings if you squint
Rating: G
Summary: Kamenashi receives love from the other members throughout the seasons.
Notes: Written for fic_the_faith in 2014. Randomly pimping out my request post too.

Spring | Summer | Autumn | WinterCollapse )

[Fic] Hide → Seek
nakame camera
Title: Hide → Seek
Groups/Pairing: KAT-TUN, NaKame; multiple appearances by Team Miracle, Sho (and his hard life) and Sparkly!MatsuJun
Rating: G
Summary: Nakamaru finds himself trying to survive for a million dollars. Emphasis on the trying, with his impromptu caffeine junkie partner confusing him more than helping.
Notes: Many thanks to my beta for looking through despite the thousand and one things on her to-do list ♥ It was a challenge writing this since I don't watch a great deal of non-trashyvariety shows... Written for je_otherworlds. Also, Happy Belated 10th Nakame Anniversary ~ \o/

Ready or not. Here I come.Collapse )

ueda-colours <3
Similar to last year, I'm accepting any requests for drabbles revolving 4nin!KAT-TUN since October is the month whereby Ueda is born in \o/ This is like the 3rd year I've been doing this but I haven't been updating anything at all so it's highly unlikely that anyone would chance upon/read this and leave a comment. So I'm just going to leave it open indefinitely. But I'll fulfill all prompts eventually, I swear.

I would just leave this open for as long as my love for Ueda holds <3

I will be extremely happy should your prompt revolve around Ueda. Because I ship Ueda with everyone in 4nin!KAT-TUN. You can also request spin-offs from previous stories which I have written before (with Ueda as the main character). Word count will probably range about 500 ~ 1000 words (I'm usually long-winded so...).

Just leave your request in the comments below and I'll write it!

Pairing: Kameda, Junda, etc.
Genre: Angst, Romance, etc.
Prompt: It can be in the form of words, photos, videos, songs, etc. / Spin-off from XXX (fiction I've written before). Use your imagination!


Pairing: Maruda
Genre: Humour, Fluff
Prompt: Ueda has a bad case of indigestion because he made too much takoyaki balls. He calls Nakamaru over.

^ Never writing that though :(

Please note that: No smut, mpreg, character death or horror. And strictly 4nin!KAT-TUN.
Disclaimer: I write certain pairings better than other pairings so I would like to apologize for my inability in advance. Also, it might take up to days, months before I'm done. But I will do my best to finish them as soon as possible!
PS: I do make grammar mistakes when I'm extremely tired too so please be tolerant and point them out to me kindly in my writing :3


[One-Shot] Once Upon a Time
Title: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Kamenashi / Taguchi
Rating: G
Summary: There was a boy named Kamenashi who lost his way.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Author’s Note: I finally found some time to realise this idea that had been bubbling at the back of my mind today at work. As usual, cookies for any grammar mistake you might spot and point out! Thank you for reading :3

There was no way out – they would not let him live.Collapse )

nakame camera
Title: 止めないで
Pairing: Nakamaru/Kamenashi
Rating: G
Summary: Being a demon was harder than Kamenashi thought.
Warning: slightlycreepy!Taguchi
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Author's Note: Originally written and posted at JE Devil or Angel 2013. Posting was delayed due to my laziness in fixing formatting issues. Many thanks to sunshine_lambo for agreeing to be my co-author despite her busy schedule and to the wonderful comments left on the original post ♥

But he cannot stop, not now, not when his plans had finally been placed into motion.Collapse )

[Fic] Unknown Terrains (1/2)
Title: Unknown Terrains
Author: sugiex
Pairing: Gen ; KameNo if you squint a lot.
Rating: G
Summary: AU; Officer Kamenashi gets promoted to the CIB, or does he? When he steps into his new office and meets a bunch of quirky colleagues (one lazier than the rest), he begins to wonder if the Cold Case Department is a punishment instead.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Author’s Note: Originally posted here at capslock_turtle for the Kame Rarepair Big Bang Challenge in 2013. Wonderful fanmix by krysyuy accompanying this story can be found here. Many thanks to my beta/muse who rendered her aid in numerous ways despite RL ♥

Frankly, Kamenashi Kazuya has never thought much about accomplishing big ambitions.Collapse )

[Fic] Unknown Terrains (2/2)
Part One

Community Task #5263: Supervision of Corrective Work OrderCollapse )

[One-Shot] Things he never said.
Title: Things he never said.
Pairing: Kamenashi / Taguchi
Rating: G
Summary: Taguchi will never breathe a word about it.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Author’s Note: Cookies for anyone who can pick out any grammar mistakes and I apologize for the choppy read. It was hard translating certain sentences that I feel are best said in Chinese to English :<

It’s fine for him to leave things as they are.Collapse )


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